In our Winter 2018 hard copy version of the BJA newsletter, Bob Jacobson presented an overview of the 33 big bands in the metro Baltimore area (“Baltimore-Area BIG BANDS Abounding”). Today we begin profiling each ensemble, with our Big Band of the Week series. | Read more>>
The Dynamic Album Project: Live in Baltimore
“This year”, notes the brochure for the Dynamic Album Project, “marks the first year that revenue from streaming services … surpass the sales of CDs and vinyl records.” Dan Rorke — founder of The Dynamic Album Project — then asks “Why aren’t we utilizing [these] services to push the envelope further?” Just as LPs gave rise to longer tracks and concept albums, and CDs eliminated the concept of sides, extending the consecutive play time further, modern digital delivery systems offer many possibilities for expanding what it means to create an album, and so far, many of these ideas have yet to be explored to any great extent. | Read more>>
New World Outreach Jazz Orchestra
The performance by the New World Outreach Jazz Orchestra (NWOJO) for their annual harvest concert at the Waverly branch of the Pratt Library marked the first time I’d witnessed them live. To sum up their performance in one word—”dynamic.” From the beginning NWOJO’s presentation was different from the typical big band show, with only the four-piece rhythm section of drums, congas, keyboards and bass playing. | Read more>>
–BY IAN RASHKIN The Baltimore Jazz Alliance has always had as its mission the support of our great jazz community-—the musicians, audiences, and venues alike–and over the years many people have come up with ideas about what we can do to further that mission. | Read more>>
Baltimore is blessed with a long list of venues providing live jazz of all types, as can be seen from the jazz calendar and on our web page, “Where’s the jazz?” But new venues are turning up all the time. And some old venues aren’t as well-known as they should be. | Read more>>